By PDiddie on 4/15/2015, 12:46pm PT  

Brad has been graciously allowing me to add a version of the Sunday Funnies I post at my shop for awhile now, but sometimes a cartoon's topicality can't wait for the weekend. Astute readers here will recall that I did make big fun of Ted Cruz's gang-style teardrop icon a few weeks ago, so turnabout is fair play...

Along with her campaign announcement on Sunday, Clinton showed off her new logo—a big blue H with a red arrow striking through it, pointing to the right. Of course, the Internet freaked out and issued a torrent of snark-laden reactions to the design.

Critics commented on everything from the direction the arrow is pointing to other logos it reminds them of (cough, FedEx, cough) and of course made some other super-tangential-oddball associations.

I agree with the 'hospital entrance sign' comparison.  On the other hand...


Anybody seen Rubio's or Rand's actual logos?  Oh yeah, here they are.  Paul stole his from Tinder, and Rubio obviously let a young child draw his in order to save on expenses. The actual logo, not the one in Clay Bennett's cartoon above.

My God, this presidential campaign season is going to be a lot of fun.

[Ed Note: Maybe for you, Perry! -BF]

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