By Brad Friedman on 1/5/2005, 8:20pm PT  

Clint Curtis was LIVE (11pm ET time) on "Fox News Live with Alan Colmes" on the Fox News RADIO Network.

I was able to capture the live stream, and am I'm trying to remove the commercials from the recording to make the bandwidth demand less when posting it for you folks to listen to.

Colmes gave Curtis a good (and very tough) grilling! Happy to hear it! And I think he stood up well to the questioning. I heard no inconsistencies in his story.

I've turned off comments on this item, so that all comments can be consolidated on the original item on this, found here. I'll also post a link to the interview at that item as soon as I can get it posted.

UPDATE: The Colmes/Curtis radio interview is now online. Thanks to our pals at!