We Must Be Doing Something Right!
By Brad Friedman on 12/6/2004, 4:10am PT  

In a clear sign that The BRAD BLOG has hit the big time and is doing everything precisely correctly, the wingnuts over at FreeRepublic.com have now officially tagged us as "(Puke liberal Blog site!)" in a recent posting there which covered our exclusive scoop last week on the House Judiciary Committee Dems' upcoming hearings on the Ohio election.

In a comment posted to the above-linked Freeper article, one of the Kool-aid sippers mentions: "I bet none of these accusations is supported by affidavits. Stuff like this disappears when a sworn statement is required."

Such insightful predictions may very soon come back to haunt the oxygen-starved Rethugs over at the rightwing extremist website. Stay tuned...

But until then --- on behalf of all of us here at The BRAD BLOG --- we thank the Freepers for bestowing us with such a high honor!

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