Our long national nightmare may soon be over.
By Brad Friedman on 11/1/2004, 9:53pm PT  

Over the course of at least the last six months, we believe we have laid out the irrefutably damning case against George W. Bush on this blog and have demonstrated honest and specific evidence for that case in these pages.

His historically unprecedented failures and deficiencies as both "President" and "Commander-in-Chief" of this country have been well documented here and elsewhere for anyone who has been willing and able to look beyond their own partisan biases at the stark and plain truth of those failures.

To that end, the BRAD BLOG strongly anti-endorses George W. Bush for President.

We believe that Mr. Bush deserves a swift and decisive removal from office and every American should do anything within their power to help achieve that aim and --- in doing so --- see to it that our long national nightmare may finally be over.

If you happen to vote in a state where you feel the results of the election may be close in any way, shape or form, we recommend you support your country and the world you live in by voting proudly for John Kerry.

If you happen to vote in a "red" state, we also recommend that you support your country and the world you live in by voting for John Kerry as I believe that if you do, Mr. Bush may well receive a few surprises on Election Day. Some previously "red" states may well magically find themselves turning "blue". As well, since it's important that a Kerry victory be decisive if there is to be even a remote chance of healing the partisan hell we've been through for at least four years, a decisive popular majority for Kerry is essential.

Finally, if you live in a solid "blue" state, like myself, then I'd suggest you do as I plan to: Vote your conscience.

There are some very serious problems in our country and world right now, and almost all of them are directly tied to the failings and collusions of our corrupt monolithic two-party system.

I look forward with great anticipation to a Kerry victory so that honest, informed Americans, who have witnessed what has happened to our country over the last 20 years, may soon stand some hope of beginning to correct the dangerous governmental/corporate corrosive course that is tearing our society and civilization apart at it's very core. Unfortunately, the fissures in that core now run directly and painfully through your house, your pocket book, and your true and honest American values.

That long course will be a difficult one even with John Kerry in office. It will be nothing short of impossible, however, with George W. Bush --- a man with neither understanding nor sympathy for anything resembling true, core, American values --- occupying his destructive helm for another four years.

To that end, I encourage you, dear BRAD BLOG readers, to do what you must on Election Day to help change the course of history and our beloved country by removing George W. Bush --- once and for all --- from the office he never should have occupied in the first place.

Quoting again from a great American: You have the power! You have the power! You have the power!

Now get out and use that power to vote and to get out the vote and, in doing so, help save your world.