The 'teabagger' fruit of the debt ceiling 'crisis'...
By Evan Kutner on 7/30/2011, 2:50pm PT  

Guest editorial by Evan Kutner of distributorcap NY

It took 30 years and 204 days, but on Tuesday August 2, 2011 the fruits of the Reagan Tree of Life will finally have reached its peak when the over-ripened, low-hanging, worm-filled Reagapples will begin to pound the ground, not with sweetened blossoms, but with a dead thud. 30 years and 204 days of belittling and ignoring the American education system, calling ketchup a vegetable, telling us trees cause pollution, cutting taxes to create trickled-down imaginary jobs (OK there are a few more maids and gardeners) and teaching Americans that they could have everything they want and it will cost nothing - the Teadras educated Republican party is willing to take the ultimate bet and tell the piper (or croupier) this time to shove it.

The US Congress has spent the better part of the past month arguing over whether the credit limit on the Visa card should be raised in order to pay their bills --- bills they have committed and signed to pay. If this game of cold-war brinkmanship wasn't so dangerous on so many levels --- it would actually be comical to watch. Watching the children of the right storm out of meetings (Eric Cantor --- who probably has the distinction of having had the most spit balls thrown at him during 7th grade lunch) and then say no, no, no as the opposition capitulates to nearly every one of their demands is nothing short of having MacBeth playing in a Kabuki Theater.

The 80 or so teabaggers, who sandbagged their way into Congress last November promising to stop those eternal welfare queens from driving Cadillacs and finally ridding the country of the leeches who live off their hard-earned (over) taxed dollars, are about to allow the real grand experiment to go forward --- let the US default on its payments for the first time in history --- and default by choice. You know the world's strongest economy is going to look like it is managed even worse than Greece...

I used to think the only item on the Republican platform (aka Our American Mein Kampf) was the personal destruction of Barack Obama (or any Democratic president), but now I realize there is actually a second principle enshrined in the GOP's manifesto. Not only do the Teabaggers and their enablers want to see Obama fail, but they also want to prove that the ripened fruit of the Reagan revolution ("something for nothing") is actually a sweet treat --- that the US defaulting on its bills will have absolutely no consequences. After all American exceptionalism is American exceptionalism. Chicken Little --- is really just Donkey Little --- a completely made up scenario just to allow those pesky liberals to abscond with more money from hedge fund billionaires and private jet owners to pay for BMWs for those food-stamp queens and unemployed kings. Unlike Bill Clinton, Barack Obama has not given the goose-stepping lunatics in the GOP any stained dresses to use as evidence of a grand socialist conspiracy. Short of the 21st century version of Fanne Foxe showing up next few days - the teabaggers will have to resort their only other weapon --- actually pushing the nuclear trigger. In other words, in order to save the country they have to vaporize the country. 300,000,000 Americans will just have to hope the dice on 8/2/11 are boxcars or snake eyes and not a craps. Good luck with that when one die is all three's and the other is all four's.

Obama has made this so easy for the Republicans. He has caved so many times to the right on so many issues --- even the more "reasonable Republicans" (an oxymoron if there ever was one) realize they can play the blinking game knowing their odds of winning are about as good as Secretariat's was at the 1973 Belmont. His obvious weakness as a leader and his hesitancy to confront a group of people bent on his destruction has made the Republican work of making a mountain out of a molehill as easy as selling worthless credit default swaps to a bunch of insurance companies. Compromise requires compromise, not rolling over time after time. Obama has rolled over so many times --- John Boehner finally figured out that those 80 or so teabaggers in Congress must really be on to something.

What the teabaggers and their enablers (actually, they are all a bunch of teabaggers) fail to realize is that if the sky does fall on August 2nd (and it will) - it will be more than repossessed Cadillacs. While those teabagging Congressmen will barely suffer the loss of a nickel in salary, benefits or pensions (and plenty of them have more than enough money to cushion the potential blow) --- I would think they have relatives that will suffer, and suffer badly from a default. And what about the millions who actually voted for the teabaggers thinking these really smart guys would save them from the leeches on society --- only to see now that a government that cannot pay its bills means no social security checks mailed, no medicare payments, soaring interest rates on their variable mortgages, a collapsed housing market, more bridges and roads crumbling, weakened airport security, soldiers in Afghanistan watching their checks bounce and finally a lot of very angry Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Brazilians, Australians, Saudis and Swiss- people who help fund the elite of Wall Street.

And what about those private companies the teabaggers just love so much? You know, the ones that actually employ thousands of teabagging voters - the ones that receive a big chunk of their revenue from government contracts? Do you think Boeing and Lockheed Martin are going to keep pay a lot of private employees sitting around the lunchroom while they wait for Tim Geithner to sign the checks? What about the diners, dry cleaners, auto mechanics, waiters, coffee trucks, baby sitters and hundreds of thousands of other private businesses that exist because of companies employing thousands of workers based on government contracts? And those free parks the teabaggers love to take their kids to on vacation --- gonna get awfully expensive at $50 a head to get into Yellowstone. This is the real trickle down economy --- people who really do earn a living because other people are getting a paycheck --- no matter where that paycheck originates --- not from so-called job creators who just take their tax breaks and buy more Prada or stash it in the Cayman Islands.

So old people, government contractors, ancillary businesses, soldiers, medical professionals that help the elderly - it is time for you to sacrifice in the name of proving the Teabag Gambit. The road to teabag nirvana is filled with collateral damage. We may suffer, we may default, we may see rising interest rates, we may start opening Hoovervilles --- but those fine Republicans in the House --- the ones that were sent to ensure an orderly country - well they will just be right.

Maybe we can form a new union --- of people to pick up those little green Reagapples.

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