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By Desi Doyen on 7/7/2009, 1:00pm PT  

IN TODAY'S AUDIO REPORT: Will the climate change in the Senate over climate change legislation?; ExxonMobil pays up & pays out; Universal cell phone charger for the EU, but not for you!... PLUS: Nuclear Power vs. Summer...All that and more in today's Green News Report!

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (links below): Concrete experiment eliminates storm drains & protects water supplies; UN wants to control the grab on agricultural lands; Study finds danger from "inert" ingredients in weedkiller Roundup; Swine flu shows no sign of letting up in the U.S..... PLUS: Generating power from your supermarket parking lot (in the UK, not here)...

Info/links on those stories and all the ones we talked about on today's episode follow below...

'GREEN NEWS EXTRA': More green news not covered in today's audio report... See below!

  • Concrete experiment may eliminate storm drains: Shoreview, Minn., is betting on a new "green" concrete paving method that lets rainwater pass right through the street surface to prevent damaging runoff (Physorg.com)
  • UN Wants to Control the Rush on Agricultural Lands (Le Monde) [emphasis added]:
    Olivier De Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur for the right to food, worries about the rapid expansion of rich government and investment funds' acquisitions and leasing of agricultural lands in developing countries. This practice of land grabbing accelerated under cover of the 2008 food crisis.
    According to estimates, some 15 to 20 million hectares - the equivalent of all France's arable land - mostly in Africa, has been the object of transactions the last three years. China bought 2.8 million hectares in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to develop the world's largest palm oil plantation there.
    Experts estimate that from now to 2030, 120 million hectares of supplementary agricultural lands will have to be found to respond to the demand for food products.
  • Weed killer kills human cells. Study intensifies debate over 'inert' ingredients. (Environmental Health News)
  • Spread of swine flu far from over, officials warn (Houston Chronicle)
  • Supermarket generates piezoelectric power in parking lot (Endgadget):
    According to The Daily Mail, a Sainsbury's supermarket in Gloucester, UK (you've never been there), has installed kinetic plates in the parking lot that use the weight of shopper's cars to pump a series of hydraulic pipes, which in turn drive a generator.