By Brad Friedman on 2/8/2009, 2:45pm PT  

We'll call it the Sunday Funnies. Geraldo did a segment on his Fox "News" Saturday freak show, in response to the California "Octo-Momma Drama", featuring an interview with a Florida family who recently had sextuplets. The attempted interview just gets funnier and funnier as it goes along, and as the babies get more and more upset.

My favorite, however, is the oldest child, five year-old Zoey in the middle of the shot. She's the one to keep your eyes on as the madness unfolds...

(Note: While there's nothing particularly political in this clip, for those who insist on politics, okay: The babies are the Congressional GOP and "that little sweetie in the middle," Zoey, is Obama, ignoring the madness, and taking her case straight to the American people.)