By Alan Breslauer on 5/10/2007, 5:38pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer

Bill O'Reilly responded to a recent Indiana University Study comparing the Fox "News" mouthpiece unfavorably to the notorious propagandist of the 1930s, Father Charles Coughlin, with even more propaganda. While O'Reilly spent the bulk of his time defending himself by attacking Media Matters and George Soros, he does question and mock the most publicized part of the research that evidences O'Reilly using a derogatory name to describe his opponents every 6.8 seconds during the Factor's "Talking Points Memo" segments. This mashup shows O'Reilly's response to the study and then looks back at the six previous "Talking Points" to see whether O'Reilly or the Indiana University researchers are to be believed.

Finally, for those wondering what George Soros and Media Matters have to do with whether or not Bill O'Reilly is a propagandist, I will try to explain. For starters, George Soros - he who gives away billions of dollars trying to spread good governance, democracy, human rights and independent media around the world while combatting corruption and rights abuses - is the face of evil. As O'Reilly stated in last night's broadcast to former General Wesley Clark whose PAC received $75,000 from Soros, "There isn't a more radical person in the country than [Soros]". O'Reilly then asked Clark if he would also accept David Duke's money.

Because Soros is evil, everything he touches also becomes evil or illegitimate, according to O'Reilly. This includes press releases alerting readers to university studies put out by the non-profit website Media Matters which receives money from various organizations to whom Soros' foundation gives money. Thus, he controls them all. But it gets worse for the report's authors as George Soros has also given $5 million to Indiana University. Can there be any question that the Indiana U study was payack for a damning segment that O'Reilly did on Soros the previous week? Not in O'Reilly's World. Add it all up and it is quite obvious that O'Reilly is not a name-caller. Capiche?

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: Soros has never funded Media Matters and the $5 million gift from Soros to Indiana University established an endowment for the American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan. And Bill O'Reilly is a loon.