By John Gideon on 12/30/2006, 4:51pm PT  

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"As 2007 rolls in, millions of Americans will have to make what looks like a momentous technical decision: Should they upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Windows? At the same time, legislators and election boards will be pondering a far more important decision: Do we want Microsoft Windows - or any operating system - running elections?" asks Mike Hemowitz of the Baltimore Sun. A very good question that can be answered easily. No! No software for casting ballots. No '1's' and '0's'. No DRE's in our elections. No! / On Jan. 4 and 5 Democracy will again be under attack as the vendor sponsored Election Center goes to Washington DC in hopes of influencing your congress people and Senators to vote against new legislation that we have been working for over the past couple years. Call your Senator and Congressman/woman and ask them not to be fooled by this group. They do not speak for the voters and they do not speak for Democracy....

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