The Demonstration Planned For Tuesday Morning Should Be Very Interesting
Welcome to the National Train-Wreck, and Good Luck to our friends in San Mateo County
By Winter Patriot on 8/14/2006, 11:41pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

At first glance they might seem like odd partners, but take another look: Open Voting Consortium and Raging Grannies are working together in San Mateo County to resist the Chief Elections Officer's plan to introduce EVMs from Hart Intercivic Voting Systems.

They had a meeting Monday night and it appeared to go well. Here's a brief account from one of our friends on the scene:

I was very impressed with the excellent organization of the "Open Voting" and "election Integrity" organization(s) ...

[they] have already met with the [board of Supervisors, San Mateo County] ... given them packets of information, have a series of speakers, each with a different aspect of the problem, possible solutions, etc. spelled out.

Press will be there and "press kits" have been prepared ...

Good! The more prepared the better, I'd say.

There's a press release describing Tuesday's planned demonstration, after the fold.

DEMOCRACY AT STAKE in San Mateo County!

-- Raging Grannies and Voting Integrity Activists to Demonstrate --

Advocate groups for voting integrity have issued a call to action in San Mateo County due to Chief Elections Officer Warren Slocum's plan to bring Hart Intercivic Voting Systems from Austin, Texas into the county.

According to activist Brent Turner, Hart Intercivic has tendered a 10+ million dollar bid to take over the San Mateo County election process and both Mr. Slocum and Elections Manager David Tom are in favor of contracting with the issue-plagued Hart Intercivic company.

The Raging Grannies Action League (which includes San Mateo County resident Grannies), together with members of Open Voting Consortium has issued a call for the support of all good patriots and advocates of voting integrity.

In addition to meeting early this week with members of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, we will demonstrate ahead of a meeting of the Supervisors where discussion (and we fear "rubber stamping") of the purchase of the Hart Machines will take place.

What: Activist/Raging Granny Demonstration for Election Transparency (featuring Raging Granny dramatization of Hart equipment problems)

When: Tuesday, August 15th at 8:30a.m.

Where: In front of Board of Supervisors Meeting (Hall inside building or possibly in courtyard outside 400 County Center Rd, Redwood City)


  • For Directions/photo ops/general information, please call: Granny Ruth Robertson cell (650)279-8761
  • Spokeswoman for Raging Grannies: Granny Gail Sredanovic (San Mateo County resident) (650) 854-0344
  • Spokesmen from Open Voting Consortium: Brent Turner (San Mateo County resident) (650) 726-1133
  • Founder of Open Voting Consortium: Alan Dechert, cell (916) 792-1784 home (916) 772-5360
  • Websites:

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