EXCLUSIVE: Letter from Lawyer Asks Mail Be Sent to Him Instead of Address Where Coulter Admits Not Living Despite Previously Swearing the Opposite Was True...
By Brad Friedman on 6/9/2006, 2:06pm PT  

Back to the concerns about the Busby/Bilbray special election results shortly...But until then...

The attorneys for alleged felonious vote fraud scammer and Republican hate-monger, Ann Coulter, have asked for special treatment by the Palm Beach County, Florida Supervisor of Elections office, according to a documents obtained exclusively by The BRAD BLOG.

In a letter (posted in full at the end of this article) written by Coulter's newly retained attorney, Marcos Daniel Jimenez --- a legal-eagle ally of the White House, involved in Bush/Cheney's 2000 Election "victory" in Florida --- the deservedly-derided GOP pundit has asked for the special privilege of having correspondence sent to her attorney, instead of to the address where she registered to vote in the Sunshine State --- the address of her real estate agent's house, where she never lived...

In reply to a May 10 Palm Beach Post article by columnist Jose Lambiet, reporting that Coulter had failed to answer an inquiry (document here) within 30 days, as requested by the Palm Beach County officials and as sent to the address that Coulter herself used on her Voter Registration application (document here), Jimenez claims to be puzzled why the officials had said they were considering removing Coulter from the voter rolls due to her apparent refusal to explain her felonious misconduct.

Writes Jimenez in his letter asking for special treatment on behalf of Coulter: "I find it difficult to understand why your office would make such a statement to the press when more than one month ago I asked the head of your office to send me the letter so that Ms. Coulter could respond. Please explain."

The attorney representing Coulter --- who recently told Fox News that she doesn't even live in Florida, where she submitted a voter registration application nonetheless --- asks the Supervisors office to set aside their rules, regulations and possibly the rule of law in favor of his wealthy client. He suggests that it was Supervisor Arthur Anderson's office who failed somehow, rather than his client who didn't respond to the letter which was sent to her via registered mail.

"In view of my prior request and your office's failure to provide me with the letter," Jimenez writes, "I would ask that your office postpone any further action, including any planned public hearing, until we have had a chance to review and respond to the letter and any subsequent correspondence to Ms. Coulter. Please advise."

Aside from potentially removing Coulter from the Palm Beach voter roles, Anderson's office has said they are considering referral of the case to the Florida State Attorney for possible prosecution, depending on Coulter's response to the allegations. If charges are brought and Coulter, who claims to be a constitutional attorney, is found guilty, she could be fined $5,000 and/or face 5 years imprisonment. She signed her name next to an "oath" on the Florida voter registration application when she submitted it, affirming that she understood those terms as the rule of law.

As a convicted felon in the state of Florida, she would also lose her right to vote.

Jimenez closes by asking the office that they not disclose the address --- where Coulter claims to not live anyway --- for Coulter's own safety:

"Finally, I as advised Mr. Anderson, Ms. Coulter is a public figure who has valid concerns about her personal safety and requires that her personal address not be made available to members of the public who might wish to do her harm. I look forward to working with your office to protect Ms. Coulter's safety while honoring her constitutional right to vote."

We have no word yet on whether Jimenez will also seek leniency for Coulter in regard to her apparent $25k fraudulent tax evasion in relation to a "Homestead Exemption" she received on her $1.3 Palm Beach crib in violation of the Florida tax code which requires such exemptions be taken only by "permanent resident[s]" of the state.

In addition to her claim to Fox News' Alan Colmes last Wednesday, where she said, "I live in New York. And I'm not going to tell you anymore about where I live, Alan," Huff Po's Michelle Pilecki has also reported that Coulter has made similar denials about living in Florida when asked about the issue on her college speaking tour.

The BRAD BLOG has previously released the following documents in the case (amongst others):

  • Coulter's Voter Registration Application. LINK
  • The letter sent to Coulter by Palm Beach County officials asking for explanation, and the incident report submitted by a poll worker after Coulter refused to legally submit a change of address form, and decided to compound her apparent felony by going to vote elsewhere instead. LINK
  • Jimenez' May 12th letter to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections follows in full...

    (Hat tip to Daniel Borchers of Citizens for Principled Conservatism.)

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