The Second in a Series of Short Anti-Coulter Video Presentations by 'Citizens for Principled Conservatism', A --- yes --- conservative organization!
Compilation of Coulter's Greatest Hate Speech 'Hits' Draws Comparison Between the Extremist Rightwinger and Osama bin Laden...
By Brad Friedman on 2/2/2006, 12:43pm PT  

Last October we wrote about Daniel Borchers, the Conservative Christian iconoclast founder of Citizens for Conservative Principles, editor of the Brother Watch newsletter, founder of Coulter Watch and producer of an upcoming Anti-Coulter documentary being prepared for release next Summer to coincide with the release of Ann Coulter's next book.

We also wrote about him for the January issue of Mother Jones in an article titled "Counter Coulter".

Along with our original piece here at BRAD BLOG on Borchers, we released the first of a series of PowerPoint Presentations created by Borchers, and converted into video for easy viewing online.

The first in the series was entitled "The Gospel of Ann" and exposed her many decidely anti-Christian statements and behavior in contrast to her claims of being a devout, faithful Christian (That presentation can be seen here).

Today, Borchers has released the second in the series, this one entitled "Not Fit to Live! - Ann Coulter's Gospel of Life".

The video presentation, released exclusively here at BRAD BLOG, documents Coulter's seeming obsession with death and destruction to any and all perceived as an enemy, political or otherwise...

Borchers explained in an email to The BRAD BLOG, that the series of video presentations "highlight different aspects of Coulter's incendiary rhetoric and provide more than adequate justification for questioning Coulter's choice as a spokesman for Conservatism."

He point out that her defenders usually use of of two approaches in coming to her defense by either "deny[ing] she expresses hatred or speaks hatefully," or claiming "that she was 'only joking'".

"These videos," says Borcher, "disprove both contentions."

Indeed, Coulter's comment last week at Philander Smith College, when she said, "We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," was quickly followed with "That's just a joke, for you in the media."

Good one, Ann! What a great joke! So great, in fact, that the media --- Wingnuts and Otherwise (from Hannity to Couric) --- have been lining up to invite her for one appearance after another of late. Something we suppose a Liberal who had suggested the assassination of Justice Scalia or Alito or Thomas --- joking or otherwise --- would not likely have been invited to do.

John Amato had some other thoughts at Huffington Post recently about Coulter's hilarious joke. And BRAD BLOG Guest Blogger Lydia Cornell, wrote late last year about her telling adventure while trying to learn about Coulter's "joke" that Democrats should have their Right of Free Speech revoked. That article, earned her the wrath of the vindictive Coulter, who proceeded to post Cornell's unlisted family phone number and other personal information on her own website in petulant retaliation. The result was midnight phone calls, death threats and more for the Coulter critic.

Borchers series of videos highlights the dangers, as he sees it, of Coulter's "extremism" and its fundamental harm to the true Conservative movement --- as opposed to Bush, DeLay, Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter et al's "Conservative" movement, which is anything but conservative. He hopes the series will serve Coulter's campus speaking tour audiences and the media in general, with material to refute Coulter's "pugnacious punditry and predatory polemicism," as Borchers describes it.

In fact, Coulter's "jokes" about who should be killed and how, when taken in total as compiled in the following video presentation, paints a rather disturbing picture of the iconic darling of the "Conservative" movement and her rabid obsession with death and destruction.

"All too often, Coulter's hateful words are treated as humor rather than the hate speech it really is," Borchers explained. He even goes so far as to compare Coulter to Osama bin Laden in one section of the video, suggesting they might be "Separated at Birth?"

"Rhetorically, yes. The parallels are obvious," he wrote in a recent email. "As for actualization, who knows whether a nut case has or will follow-up on Coulter's rhetoric and attack or kill someone just because they are liberals?"

"Incendiary language is intended to inflame emotions and who knows whether someone may become unhinged enough to do as she suggests? Shouting "Fire!" as a prank in a crowded building is illegal because it can have lethal consequences. Proclaiming a jihad against liberals and death to liberals is similarly dangerous, especially in the volatile political climate in America and in the world (and in time of war, no less)."

Here then, is Citizens' for Principled Conservatism's presentation of "Not Fit to Live! - Ann Coulter's Gospel of Life"...

-- Video in Streaming Flash format...

(A special thanks to David Edwards for the conversion from PowerPoint to Flash Video, during which he had to sit through Coulter's hatred for hour on end! Sorry to put you through it, Dave!)

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