Still trouble-making and muck-raking after all these years. (Thanks to you!)
By Brad Friedman on 1/24/2018, 11:30am PT  
Well, I need to keep this brief today (and will keep this post on top here for a few days, scroll down for the latest) but The BRAD BLOG is now, officially, 14 years old! Good lord.

As I noted on yesterday's BradCast, it feels like, of late, that most of those 14 years may have occurred over the past year alone. Still, here we are, now heading into our 15th year of independent investigative, journalism, blogging, broadcasting, trouble-making and muck-raking!

As long time readers and listeners have certainly noted by now, I've taken pains over all of these years --- for good or ill --- to remain fiercely independent in all that we do, a feat that has not become any easier over the years within either this political or media landscape.

While we continue to barely break even and/or lose money every day in the bargain, getting rich at this has never been the point. (Though making a living to keep going would be nice!) My hope, instead, has always been to tell the truth, report on actual, independently verifiable facts in a moderately entertaining or engaging way and, in the bargain, do my duty as a journalist by helping to educate the electorate so you, in turn, can better do your job as an educated voter.

Also, paying my rent and keeping food on the table is helpful as well. To that end, yes, I ask you to consider a birthday present to The BRAD BLOG here, so that we can continue doing alll of the above for as long as possible, particularly as we barrel into another --- and exceedingly important --- election year.

To be frank, this work, at least for me, has never been more difficult on a whole bunch of levels. The toll it has taken, emotionally, physically, psychologically, economically --- particularly over this past year or two --- has been rough. But if you all can step up, as you have in the past, I hope we can keep going and make it through our 15th year.

But, yes, I need your help very much to do that. Please consider becoming a "subscribing member" of The BRAD BLOG and BradCast and Green News Report with a sustaining monthly subscription pledge of any amount you can comfortably afford. Or, of course, generous one-time donations are welcome as well! You can do either or both very quickly on the form below!

From Desi, Ernie, 'PDiddie' and all of the others who have made this site and our work what it is, has been, and will become, my great thanks for the past exhilarating, exhausting, fulfilling, rewarding, maddening, eye-opening and otherwise extraordinary 14 years!

Here's to a 15th...with your support! --- Brad


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