By John Gideon on 9/26/2007, 8:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

There are more reports from Pennsylvania today regarding county’s mitigations for the failure of their voting system vendor, Advanced Voting Solutions, to get necessary changes through the federal test and certification phase. The problem is not with the counties or the state; the problem is all AVS. Yet the counties are trying to figure out what to do until their machines are alright for use and how they are going to pay for it. The state is commiserating with the counties and offering to pay the tab or a large part of the tab. Why is the bill not being paid by the people responsible for the failure? Why is AVS not being told to pay for any necessary actions by the counties? And why aren’t the League of Women Voters, Common Cause PA, and local and state election integrity groups joined together to demand that AVS pay the bill or get out of the state?

It looks like the Democrats may have failed again. The nomination of Hans von Spakovsky, and three other nominees, has passed out of the Senate Rules Committee with a “no recommendation.” His nomination now goes to the floor for debate (maybe). Sen. Nelson (D-NE) told the committee chair, Feinstein, that he would vote for von Spakovsky, thus going against a whole list of civil rights organizations and members of the House who are against the nomination of von Spakovsky. I guess von Spakovsky can share today’s “Enemy of Democracy” with his new bestest friend, Sen. Ben Nelson....

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