Bill Gardner Says 'Kucinich Satisfied With Recount' When Letter from Congressman to SoS Says Otherwise...
By Brad Friedman on 1/24/2008, 1:11pm PT  

On Monday, New Hampshire's Union Leader editorialized as follows...

Whatever the recount's results, [NH Sec. of State Bill] Gardner has opened the process to observers so there can be no question about the integrity of the count. Doubters on both sides should let this settle the issue. If they question Gardner's integrity, then we'll know for sure not to trust anything else they have to say.

While The BRAD BLOG has reported, in some detail, on the incompetence of New Hampshire's Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, his failure to track Diebold memory cards, and many more issues revealed during the course of the Election Contests following the state's recent Primary Election, we've yet to question his integrity.

However, if this report from today's Nashua Telegraph accurately quotes Gardner, then its time to begin questioning him on that score, because now it would appear he is simply out and out lying to the media about the hand count results, and Dennis Kucinich's position on it, at this hour, as stated clearly in a letter sent yesterday to the SoS.

Tucked at the end of the Kevin Landrigan's Telegraph piece today on the latest "recount" news, are the following, virtually inexplicable, comments from Gardner...

"[Kucinich is] satisfied at the integrity of the recount, and it has concluded," Gardner said.

The recount revealed no evidence of irregularities in cities and towns that used electronic voting machines, Gardner said.

"There were only two examples of a significant change in the vote in Nashua and Manchester, and both were cases of human error," Gardner said.

Those statements are simply lies on a number of levels. But since the 2nd and 3rd sentences are little more than inaccurate spin, that we've countered with reality (as based on the actual numbers) before, allow us to just focus on the first comment of Gardner's.

If he's being accurately quoted there, and if his comments were made any time after yesterday morning when Kucinich sent his letter to Gardner, and on the presumption that Gardner actually bothered to read a letter from the candidate requesting a full state hand count of ballots as would be his job, then the SoS knows full well that Kucinich is not "satisfied at the integrity of the recount."

As we reported late last night, along with the posting of the complete Kucinich letter to Gardner, the Ohio Congressman wrote to request that the SoS, "order a complete and accurate recount of all ballots in the New Hamsphire Democratic Presidential Primary election" after "significant percentage variances in four voting districts in Hillsborough County," were revealed during the counting.

The complete letter, and details on those "significant variances" and many more such disparities, were posted last night right here.

It's likely that Landrigan had no idea about the letter when he filed his piece, since we were the only ones to have reported on it, exclusively, late last night. We've called him to find out for sure, but haven't yet heard back.

It's much less likely that Gardner was unaware of Kucinich's letter when he made those comments to Landrigan. We've tried to reach Gardner, but he and the Dep. Sec. of State are currently unavailable as they are presiding over the Republican-requested hand count that has begun this morning.

We hope he returns our calls, and that he has an explanation for the obviously misleading (we'd say wholly incorrect) statement that he gave to the Nashua Telegraph.

The people of NH deserve an explanation for this kind of dishonest, deceptive behavior from their Sec. of State. As if the previous spin from his office --- sucked up and repeated by the majority of the corporate mainstream media, too lazy, apparently, to examine the evidence for themselves --- that "all is well" and no problems were found during the hand counts, hasn't already been outrageous enough.

We would like nothing more than to retract and/or add an update/correction to this article, if the NH SoS cares to call us back with an explanation. We'll even be happy to apologize if we're wrong. That would be very welcome news.

On the other hand, short of an explanation, we'd hope that even the Union Leader would join us in "question[ing] Gardner's integrity" if no such explanation is forthcoming.

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