By John Gideon on 3/26/2007, 8:05pm PT  

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Today, Monday, the state of Massachusetts goes to court to defend themselves in a lawsuit brought by Diebold. Diebold claims that the state should have bought their accessible voting machines rather than the AutoMark that was offered by ES&S because the Diebold voting machine was the best of the two. Perhaps Diebold will offer to explain to the judge what makes their voting system accessible. I doubt that will happen because they would have a lot of problem proving the imaginary.

That story, and many more today, linked below...

  • NAtional: Explosive new vote fraud developments continue to rock Ohio and Florida LINK
  • CA: The Vote: California Secretary of State Debra Bowen Releases Draft Criteria for Voting Machine Review LINK
  • FL: Florida Voting Officials Warned of Glitch Before Election
    Losing candidate: Slow touch screens may have been culprit in undervote LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - State Audit Team Replies to Questions Surrounding Newly Discovered ES&S 'Source Code Review Agreement' Sent to State Certification Chief LINK
  • IL: Early voting a growing trend
    Some officials predict up to half the votes cast in 2008 will be before Election Day LINK
  • KS: Kansas counties get new voting machines LINK
  • MA: Firm sues Mass. over contract for voting machines for disabled LINK
  • MA: Machines can be accessible too LINK
  • MA: Voting device pact at issue
    Firm sues over snub by state LINK
  • MA: Diebold cries 'do over!' after losing Massachusetts contract LINK
  • MA: Governor's Web Site Reveals Voters' Home Addresses LINK
  • MD: Press Release - Urge MD Senate to Pass Real Voter-Verified Paper Trail LINK
  • MD: Md. Senate rejects paper trail proposal
    Sponsor concedes measure is likely dead for this legislative session LINK
  • NY: Sleepy Hollow Democrats seek new election LINK
  • OH: New Ohio evidence exposes apparently illegal 2004 recount activity by Hocking County's GOP Election Director, and a stinging complaint is filed in Cleveland LINK
  • OH: Editorial - Keep Elections Honest in Ohio LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Secretary of State Brunner Issues Complaint Against Cuyahoga Board of Elections LINK
  • TX: Seguin County - Electronic ballots discussed at forum LINK
  • VA: Bills could phase out touch screen voting LINK
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