By John Gideon on 5/24/2008, 8:00pm PT  

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Faulkner Co, Arkansas, media are reporting that there was a tabulating error on machines in at least one precinct. In the East Cadron B precinct the iVotronic moved votes for Cadron Township Constable candidate John Edwards to Linda Tyler, who was a candidate for House District 45. This seems to be “vote flipping plus.”

Two US Senators have now joined together to sponsor bipartisan legislation that will ensure the continued use of DREs. In this case they require the voter has a means of verification but that verification can be paper, video, audio, or even electronic. Does that mean that the review screen on the present DREs is good enough? It may be.

I will be publishing DVN tomorrow and then we will be going on a week hiatus while the editor, publisher, writer, and chief cook and bottle washer takes his annual trip to chase the wily Alaska Salmon. Unfortunately the lodge now has wireless so I may be able to keep up with some of the most important news as it happens....

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