By John Gideon on 6/26/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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HR-811 update: Contact was finally made with someone on the staff of the House Admin. Committee who knows the status of HR-811. The question asked concerned a deletion of language that was put into the bill during committee deliberation but was removed after the bill was voted out of committee. The specific language was the “Capuano Amendment” and concerned emergency paper ballots. The staff member reports that the language was removed from the bill due to some discussion by members of the committee. The language, or some facsimile, that “captures the intent of Mr. Holt and Mr. Capuano” will be reinserted into the bill by a manager’s amendment prior to the bill going to the floor. So, the bill voted on by members of the House of Representatives and passed out of committee is not the existing bill and no one knows what the real bill looks like at this time and no one knows what HR-811 will look like when it is finally sent to the floor for a vote. And Congress wonders why their popularity is less than that of the President; or do they care?...

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