In a May 25, 2023 letter he sent to the Coffee County Board of Elections and the County Commissioners, James Hudson, who has lived in Coffee County for over four decades, and who has been a lawyer for 50 years -- including serving as county attorney for two different Georgia counties (Elbert and Bacon) -- wrote (among other things):

"No public action was taken by either the Commissioners or the Board of Elections to remove Mr. Chaney even after it was clear that he was involved in the breach, referred to by Misty and the expert in Federal court. Instead, he was allowed to resign supposedly because he was told a new legal interpretation required he reside in the district of the commissioner that appointed him and since he had moved out of that district he could not serve. He discussed this in his deposition in August 2022. As best I can determine the law that Mr. Chaney refers to is resolution No. 2022-15. This law was not signed until October 3,2022, some months after Mr. Chaney resigned. The law also pertains to 'future appointments' and not situations where board members were already serving such as Mr. Chaney."

This footnote created by Douglas Lucas on 15 June 2023.

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