In short, consider the following.

1. Raffensperger and his aides repeatedly tangling and re-tangling the timeline for when he first learned of the breach.

2. Raffensperger's chief operating officer Gabriel "Gabe" Sterling, speaking at The Carter Center in Atlanta on April 29, 2022 rolled his eyes and said "there's no evidence" for claims Coffee County elections systems were copied, and that "it didn't happen." But just nine weeks earlier, Sterling, deposed under oath in Curling v. Raffensperger, had been played an audio recording made by the Coalition for Good Governance executive director when she received a bizarre phone call from Scott Hall, an Atlanta area bail bondsman and Coffee breach participant, in which Hall brags, confesses, and seems to seek a sympathetic ear about his chartering a jet for the operatives. Hall told Marilyn Marks, the nonprofit's executive director, the operatives "scanned every freaking ballot" and "imaged every hard drive of every piece of equipment" with "Go for it!" permission from none other than the Coffee elections board. Sterling heard all this but still publicly said "no evidence" and "didn't happen."

3. Josh Blanchard, a Georgia Secretary of State investigator, happened to be visiting the Coffee County elections office on January 26, 2021 for reasons still not known, but possibly related to a pair of December 2020 videos made by then-election supervisor Misty Hampton criticizing Dominion equipment while betraying, via a legible sticky note visible in the background, an elections computer password. Blanchard walked into her relatively small room while breach operative Jeffrey Lenberg, ex-NSA, was inside with access to voting system components and both his shirt sleeves rolled up. Unfortuntely, her little room did not have its own security camera.

But since there was only one path in or out of Hampton's small room, security video from the adjacent area did document Blanchard and Lenberg crossing paths -- and how, a few seconds after encountering the investigator, Lenberg skidaddled out of the office altogether. The September 2021 report Blanchard filed covering complaints from the month of the breach (among other weeks) did not mention his laying eyes on Lenberg. The December 14, 2021 State Election Board meeting in which the investigator's report was discussed similarly did not include any mention of the operative Lenberg.

Team Raffensperger still hasn't addressed Blanchard and Lenberg crossing paths.

This footnote created by Douglas Lucas 19 June 2023.

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