With cameo appearance by Kirsten Powers of Fox 'News'
UPDATED: Previously 'amusing' conversation, now just pathetic as Jared Roberts sends us a terrorist threat...
By Brad Friedman on 10/2/2011, 7:35am PT  

It started with a Tweet yesterday morning from Kirsten Powers, Democratic contributor to Fox "News", in response to President Barack Obama having killed U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki after targeting him for assassination with no due process whatsoever --- not even a court order, as would have been needed to wiretap someone.

It seems like that's something Rightwingers pretending to be concerned about abuse of U.S. citizens by "Big Government" would have some objections to. But they don't. It's also seems like something that those who had been critical of George W. Bush's outrageously illegal and unconstitutional excesses and war crimes would similarly decry. But too many don't.

Nonetheless, soon, our hero in this story --- @ShortGo, otherwise known as Jared Roberts, self-identified "OUTLAW Cowboy" --- rode in to the conversation between Kirsten and me, to save the nation...

* * *

[For those who are Twitter-illiterate: "RT" equals "Re-tweet", a way of quoting what someone else said in a tweet of your own. Words or phrases starting with "#" in front of them are "hashtags", used as searchable identifiers or, in many cases, for snarky comment. The sequence below was reconstructed for you using ChirpStory. ]

* * *

...And off he rode into the sunset...

* * *

UPDATE 10/2/11: Hilariously, since publication of the above, @ShortGo has now taken to Twitter to tell me: "You may have gotten me taken out of context and that retweeted, but you're still a Liberal who is a Coward."

Mr. Go, courageous not-Liberal genius that he is, may nonetheless have a misunderstanding of the word "context". The entire conversation between us yesterday is posted, in full, above.

UPDATE 10/2/11, 3:44pm PT: Looks like Jared "@ShortGo" Roberts has now added to his patriotic resume by revealing he is also unstable and willing to resort to violent threats:

As that is clearly meant as a threat of violence (an interstate one in this case), I've reported his Tweet to the FBI, have Re-Tweeted it loudly, and am posting it here for additional sunlight. Thanks!

We will not be intimidated or frightened by terrorist threats, Jared, as we're quite used to them coming from folks of your "patriotic" persuasion. But what was previously amusing is now just pathetic. Congratulations!