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By John Gideon on 2/15/2009, 5:29pm PT  

“Replacing trusted people with computers doesn't make the problem go away; it just moves it around and makes it even more complex. The computer, software, and network designers, implementers, coders, installers, maintainers, etc. are all trusted people. See any analysis of the security of electronic voting machines, or some of the frauds perpetrated against computerized gambling machines, for some graphic examples of the risks inherent in replacing people with computers.” Bruce Schneier in the first of our ‘Featured’ articles. Bruce is one of the foremost experts on network security in the world.

In our second ‘Featured’ article we have an editorial from The Olympian of Olympia Washington that discusses the newest threat to Washington State and national elections; Internet voting. The staff of the Olympian correctly warns the state legislature and the Secretary of State to take a deep breath and actually consider how to ensure the security of whatever scheme they decide to use. They recommend that actual experts, and not vendors, be brought in to review and comment on the security of any Internet voting scheme....

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