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By John Gideon on 2/5/2009, 4:27pm PT  

Today’s news finds articles from Minnesota where the recount trial continues on. Now the justices are trying to decide whether they can allow Franken to take the Senate seat on an interim basis. It looks like there will be no final decision this week or maybe even this month.

Also we have articles from Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi and Oklahoma where Voter ID is being pushed by state legislatures under the false idea that voter fraud is rampant or that illegal aliens are streaming over the borders just to vote in our elections. In Georgia they actually want to expand what is already a restrictive law to make it more restrictive. Now they want voters to have to prove their citizenship. Not a problem? It is for voters like Arthur Remillard who was born by a mid-wife and was the placed for adoption. He has no birth certificate. No way to prove his citizenship even though he had never had a problem in his 75 years. ...

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