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By John Gideon on 1/16/2009, 4:32pm PT  

VotersUnite.Org is really two dedicated voters who care about how our votes are counted and who does the vote counting. We aren’t the types who find it easy to ask for money but it is a necessary evil that we have to take on occasionally. Even though the big, 2008 General Election is completed and many people are ready to move on to other issues we plan on continuing to do our work. This year we plan to continue to point out the invasive participation of the vendors in our election process and we will continue to work with local election officials to come up with ideas on how to get rid of the vendors as much as possible. We will also continue to give our opinions on federal and state legislation as it pertains to the election process. And we will continue to produce “Daily Voting News” as our way of educating the readers on elections matters. We need help to continue, however. So please help us out with a donation. All of the information you need to make a tax deductible donation can be found here:

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