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By John Gideon on 9/21/2008, 4:55pm PT  

This from our “Featured” article today:

Three weeks after the election and several recounts the canvassing board advises that they can’t come to a final answer today. The board is done with the manual count but there are some issues with the computers still.

The results of the first recount were thrown out because of missing ballots which were eventually found.The second machine recount began Friday and Saturday after an equipment delay. The machine count left William Abramson ahead of incumbent Judge Richard Wennet by 115 votes. There were still more than 1,200 ballots that were not read by the machine that have to be counted by hand.

The interim chair of the canvassing board says there is a discrepancy in the number of ballots.

The canvassing board is expected to meet Monday afternoon at 3pm.

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