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By John Gideon on 9/15/2008, 4:39pm PT  

Last Friday a group of volunteers for a non-partisan veteran’s organization went to a Veterans Administration facility in San Francisco to meet with veterans and to provide them with an opportunity to register to vote. Just a couple weeks ago the Department of Veterans Affairs relented under pressure from state and national election officials, veteran’s advocacy groups, and legislators and agreed to allow non-partisan voter registration drives in their facilities. Contrary to assurances from the DVA the volunteers were stopped and told that for them to meet with residents they would have to go through a back-ground check to ensure they were, in fact, non-partisan and each visitor would have to submit to tuberculosis screening, a process that requires two medical appointments. A federal judge has already found that the DVA cannot impose special limitations on visitors simply based on their message. The DVA, at least in San Francisco, has decided to ignore the court and impose those special limitations. ...

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