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By John Gideon on 8/8/2008, 4:33pm PT  

Today we are going to have a change of pace and introduce a new word to the vocabulary of some. This is actually a word that I heard for the first time a couple days ago and I like learning new words. Today’s word is “obscurantism”. What does obscurantism have to do with voting issues you ask? Obscurantism (‘tist) is defined as the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known. There are two common senses of this: (1)opposition to the spread of knowledge—a policy of withholding knowledge from the general public; and (2) a style (as in literature or art) characterized by deliberate vagueness or abstruseness. It seems to me that the voting machine vendors are an excellent example of both definitions of obscurantist....

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