By John Gideon on 4/3/2008, 8:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

A recent study by Missourians for Honest Elections, of St. Louis County call center sheets and maintenance logs filed by election board technicians at the polls last Feb. 5, revealed interesting data. 181 problems were reported and of those reports 89 (essentially 50% of the problems) involved the voting machine voter verified paper audit trail printers. The problems ranged from 36 votes not appearing at all on the paper trail to failure to print, loose cables, jammed paper, and “printer error.” We want to save DREs by installing a vvpat printer. Why?

Mesa Co Colorado election officials were prepared to defy any orders from the state not to use their iVotronic voting machines in Nov. In fact, while the machines were decertified by the state the county purchased 130 more of the DREs. Now the county is hat-in-hand in front of the county commission asking for a whopping $5,759 per month for storage for those 130 new machines. If they were using optical-scan they would not need the extra storage and could probably cut down on the amount of storage they are using. It takes far less room to store one optical scan machine per polling place than it does all of the DREs needed to serve the county’s polling places....

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