By John Gideon on 8/16/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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It seems that Diebold tried to get out from under their voting machine division by selling it. Well, they have reported that there are no buyers so they are going to separate themselves from that division and give them more autonomy and their own board of directors and take a new name; DESI will now be PESI, Premier Election Solutions Inc. Are they really putting that division in a position where they can file for bankruptcy if necessary and the rest of the company will be insulated? And what about the sale of Sequoia? Smartmatic has been looking for a buyer for Sequoia for over a year now almost 8 months. Now that the Dan Rather Report has aired some of Sequoia’s dirty laundry who is going to buy a company with that baggage and potential legal hassles?

CORRECTION 8/17/07: We had originally reported that Smartmatic has been seeking a buyer for Sequoia Voting Sytems for "over a year now". They have contacted us to let us know that their search has been ongoing, so far unsuccessfully, only since last December 22 --- eight months, instead of the year we reported. We regret the error.

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