By John Gideon on 5/25/2007, 5:35pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Today is a hodge-podge of news and editorials. More on the for or against discussion of HR-811 and today Senator Feinstein announced the filing of her version of Holt’s bill. We also have editorials from two Utah papers that, of course, like HAVA just the way it is and more on the New Jersey lawsuit. All of those stories and more, are linked below.

Other than all of that, this is it for a week. The ‘Daily Voting News” staff (me) is taking a well deserved vacation. See you next Friday...

  • NAtional: Passing judgment on HR 811: A classic case of "the blind men and the elephant" LINK
  • NAtional: Senator Feinstein Introduces Comprehensive Reform Legislation to Ensure Accurate Counts in Federal Elections LINK
  • NAtional: On DREs vs. Opscan... LINK
  • NAtional: Life and Death Struggle Against Voter Suppression: TX Senator Gallegos Blocks Voter ID Bill LINK
  • MA: Lincoln - Column: Support same-day voter registration LINK
  • NJ: Judge OKs limited tests of state voting machines
    NJIT will examine printers but not software LINK
  • PA: Fayette County - Commissioners hear of polling place problems LINK
  • TN: Gatlinburg - King says 'Burg vote violated the law LINK
  • UT: Editorial - Vote 'no' on paper ballots LINK
  • UT: Editorial - Tale of the tape: Voting machine retrofit not needed LINK
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