The Spin Doesn't Stop There After All...Who Knew?!...
By Alan Breslauer on 3/20/2007, 12:23pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer

On Friday Bill O'Reilly was arguing to guest John Flannery, in light of Khalid Sheik Mohammed's mass confessions, that the United States doesn't torture. What made O'Reilly's stance particularly perplexing was that back in September, 2006, ABC's chief investigative reporter, Brian Ross, appeared on The Factor and explained, to O'Reilly's approval, that torture was actually used by the United States. Nonetheless - back in the present day, PsychoBoy O'Reilly's memory seems to have erased itself, as he accuses Flannery of "buying all that propaganda"...for believing exactly that which O'Reilly had previously espoused.

But wait! Much more O'Reilly Video-a-palooza below!...

This mashup picks up on the Brian Ross - Bill O'Reilly love-fest regarding torture and proves that they are either full of it or that Superman is intimately involved in homeland security. It would also appear that George W. is full of it too. Who knew?!:

Also on Friday, Bill explains that one of the big reasons that the world hates the US is because of "grossly irresponsible...downright stupid" celebrity George W. haters, like Bill Maher and Donald Trump. Yup, that's the ticket. O'Reilly is really teed off this time and makes a montage to prove his point. Then O'Reilly analyzes the mashup with Jeanne Wolf who points out some of the big man's hypocrisy. Then, in what is becoming common Factor practice, a second person is brought on to analyze the first analyzer. In this case it's Geraldo. And that is only half of the story:

Finally today..."Unprotected sex" is a mashup from last Wednesday's O'Reilly Factor and touches upon a couple of O'Reilly's favorite subjects - sex and children. From blatant hypocrisy to his prurient interest in young kids, this episode is typical O'Reilly: