Another Not-Surprise from Bush-Supporting Dead-Enders...
By Brad Friedman on 12/24/2006, 8:05am PT  

The LA Times is reporting that the George W. Bush "Presidential" Library may well be built at Laura's alma mater, Dallas's Southern Methodist University.

Setting aside those in Texas and at the University who are less than thrilled with the idea of being associated with the guy, it comes as little surprise that the ground likely to be used for the library at SMU was obtained via tactics that perfectly represent the Bush Administration...

School officials declined to talk about the library's design or even where on campus it might be built.

One possible area includes land east of campus that was purchased by the school, presumably to help make room for the library. Until recent court rulings in SMU's favor, the land was mired in a lawsuit brought by residents who said they were intimidated into selling.

Even with the attempts by Bush's well-monied supporters to invent a less-than-humiliating legacy for him, it looks as if the library will be built on the intimidation of and land grabbed from others. Go figure.

No word on how many copies of My Pet Goat the library will be making available to researchers and visitors.