By John Gideon on 12/8/2006, 2:00pm PT  

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"By the 2008 presidential election, voters around the country are likely to see sweeping changes in how they cast their ballots and how those ballots are counted," write Ian Urbina and Christopher Drew in today's NYTimes, "including an end to the use of most electronic voting machines without a paper trail." / The totally partisan EAC Commissioner Donetta Davidson has been named "Chairman" of that commission. "Ms. Davidson, speaking in her role as EAC commissioner, has publicly advocated for paperless electronic voting machines and opposed legislation that would require that electronic voting machines provide an independent means of verifying the accuracy of electronic vote totals. In addressing the recent TGDC meeting, Commissioner Davidson specifically urged the committee not to adopt a resolution that would require a voter verified paper audit trail for direct recording electronic voting machines."...

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