12,107 Emails Sent; 1550 Letters Sent To The EAC Demanding They Do Their Jobs
By John Gideon on 1/5/2006, 5:15pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of VotersUnite.org and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Today Arizona SoS Jan Brewer, who is buying Diebold for her voters, was shouted down by voting activists as she announced that she was running for another term in office. She called us "anarchists". I'll proudly wear that badge though she misused the word unless she used it as Bertrand Russell used it; "He was inclined to anarchism; he hated system and organization and uniformity"

In the meantime, those of who have responded to the Action Alert from VoteTrustUSA have been making a lot of great noise! Keep it up! 14,000 Emails sent so far!...

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  • NC: Edgecombe County - Edgecombe to purchase new voting machines LINK
  • NC: Lenoir and Greene Counties - New voting machines needed in Lenoir, Greene LINK
  • NC: Nash County - Nash to display new voting machines LINK
  • NC: Pamlico County - Pamlico commissioners ask for more time to select equipment LINK
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  • OH: Opinion - Sen. Bob Schuler, Ohio - Senate passes reforms to voting more secure LINK
  • TN: Shelby County - Election chair addresses Shelby County Commissioners on "dead voter" issues LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - County OKs all-mail voting LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - County switching to mail-in elections LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - County is largest in state to adopt all-mail voting LINK
  • WI: New Wisconsin Election Bill Not as Positive as Originally Reported By Activists and Others LINK
  • WI: Rep. Pocan: Statement on Electronic Paper Trail Bill Becoming Law LINK
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