By John Gideon on 12/24/2005, 5:10pm PT  

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There is not much in the way of new news today. I guess this is to be expected. Have a great Christmas. ...

  • CA: State threatens to pull plug on vote machine firm. Company ordered to correct glitches or lose certification. (ES&S) LINK
  • CA: California Activists Call the Cops on Diebold LINK
  • CA: CA Test Stalled As Diebold Certification Derails LINK
  • CO: Boulder County - Vote centers coming? LINK
  • GA: Editorial - New voter ID proposal worth consideration LINK
  • IN: South Bend County - County buys voting machines (ES&S M-100 and AutoMark) LINK
  • MS: Leflore County - Leflore County receives new touch-screen voting machines (Diebold TSx) LINK
  • MS: Leflore County - New in town LINK
  • NC: NCACC asks Easley for help on voting woes LINK
  • NC: Craven County - Diebold decision leaves one company to provide compliant voting machines LINK
  • NM: Voters Seek Order Barring Touchscreen Purchase LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - New voting machine possibilities checked out at courthouse demo LINK
  • WV: Wood County - Christmas gift: County receives voting machines LINK
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