By John Gideon on 12/23/2005, 8:53pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of the readers of "Daily Voting News" a wonderful holiday season. As long as there is voting news over this weekend DVN will continue to publish it. It is with a mixture of sadness and immense pride in my associate of over two years that I post this announcement regarding VotersUnite: "December 23, 2005. After two years of providing the public with accurate information about voting systems and related issues, Ellen Theisen is now working toward election transparency in a different way - by offering the Vote-PAD as an accessible alternative to computerized voting devices. To avoid any potential conflict of interest, Ellen is terminating her association with VotersUnite.Org, effective immediately." In today's news the AP has announced that the SoS of CA has warned ES&S about problems with their voting machines and has threatened that proceedings to decertify will begin if the problems are not solved....

  • NAtional: With Nowhere Left to Hide, Diebold Pulls Out of North Carolina (Note: This is about NC in particular but it is really about the national problem with vendors and many elections officials) LINK
  • NAtional: An Open Letter To The Election Assistance Commission LINK
  • AR: Benton County - Quorum Court approves new voting system (ES&S) LINK
  • AR: White County - Electronic voting coming LINK
  • CA: UNCOVERED: CA Sec. of State Threatened Decertification for ES&S After Failures in Recent Election! LINK
  • CA: Errors lead California officials to warn voting-machine company (ES&S) LINK
  • CA: Regional officials vow confidence in vote machines LINK
  • CA: Alameda County - Voting Machine Certification Delays Raise Concerns LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - Diebold's state certification pending further tests of company's voting machines LINK
  • CA: San Francisco - Instant Runoff Voting was a success in Nov election. LINK
  • CO: Boulder County - Voters' help is needed LINK
  • MN: The piano player brings a message (SoS Mary Kiffmeyer) LINK
  • MS: Coahoma County - New voting machines arrive (Diebold TSx) LINK
  • NC: Voting machine maker leaves N.C. LINK
  • NC: Beaufort County - Public to test new voting machine (ES&S) LINK
  • NC: Bladen County - Elections board chooses optical scanning devices LINK
  • NC: Durham County - Diebold drops out of competition LINK
  • NC: Forsyth County - Optical-scan voting machines to be used in county elections LINK
  • NC: McDowell County - Voting machine law burdens counties LINK
  • NC: Moore County - County Faces Voting Machine Quandary LINK
  • NC: Vance County - Vance approves voting equipment purchase (ES&S and AutoMARK) LINK
  • OH: Knox County - New voting machines coming in Jan. (MicroVote being replaced by ES&S iVotronic) LINK
  • TX: Montgomery County - County's new voting system to be used for first time for early voting and Election Day LINK
  • VA: Recount law due a tweak LINK
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