By John Gideon on 12/20/2005, 6:58pm PT  

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North Carolina counties continue to make their decisions on how their voters are going to vote. There are questions being asked in Alaska about the results of the 2004 general election as they were counted on the states Diebold machines. Finally a county shows that they have actually read and understand what HAVA really says. Benton Co., Arkansas wants to use central-count optical scan machines and they realize they need to augment that with an education program to cut down on over-voting. Benton County gets my award for doing what no one else seems to have done; they read the law and ignored the rhetoric....

  • NAtional: Wechsler Harwood Announces an Investigation of ERISA Violations Relating to the Diebold, Incorporated 401(k) Savings Plan LINK
  • NAtional: Landskroner Grieco Madden, Ltd. Files Class Action Suit Against Diebold, Incorporated LINK
  • AK: Democrats question vote results. Tabulation method, reliability of machines are doubted. LINK
  • AR: Benton County - State gives three choices for voting machines (The county wants to use paper ballots and central-count OS with an education program to cut down on over votes) LINK
  • CA: Riverside County to Borrow Voting Machines, Printers LINK
  • FL: Leon County - Hack the vote. Voting security is vital LINK
  • IL: Kane County - Kane waits for approval on voting equipment LINK
  • LA: Ater: Elections in Orleans unrealistic before April LINK
  • MO: St. Louis � City is going with Diebold Election Systems (Blended system) LINK
  • NC: Catawba County - Catawba fights for voting machines LINK
  • NC: Durham County - Board interviews for new voting machines purchase LINK
  • NC: Durham County - Voting machine maker takes a side step LINK
  • NC: Forsythe County - Board will reconsider new voting machines (Elections Director and county council wanted Diebold DREs. BOE chose ES&S op-scan) LINK
  • NC: Northampton County chooses election equipment LINK
  • NC: Onslow County - Vote is in � almost (ES&S and AutoMARK) LINK
  • NC: Orange County - County to get new voting machines LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - Voting machine decision to wait LINK
  • PA: Chester County - Deadline Looms For Chester County Voting System Decision LINK
  • PA: Northampton County - Election board supports DePaul publicly LINK
  • TN: Shelby County - Joe Ford suggests independent election probe LINK
  • VA: All eyes on 9 precincts in recount of AG race (Machine failure will require hand recount in those precincts. All other precincts will only get a comparison of report tapes) LINK
  • VA: Part of recount request granted LINK
  • VA: Court changes precincts being manually recounted in Gloucester (Now 10 precincts) LINK
  • WA: King County executive calls for all-mail voting system LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - All-mail balloting voted down - for now LINK
  • WY: New voting machines delivered to four Wyoming counties, including Campbell County, will need to be repaired or replaced after a keypad malfunction was discovered by workers testing the equipment last week. (AutoMARK) LINK
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