By John Gideon on 12/9/2005, 5:08pm PT  

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Sequoia's parent company, Smartmatic got caught providing a Venezuelan customer with a gift of two days in a Boca Raton, FL resort. Smartmatic spokesman Mitch Stroller confirmed the company initially paid the bill but said RodrÝguez later reimbursed all the money to Smartmatic. He declined to provide proof of the reimbursement or to say when the money was paid back. Uh huh! Activists speak out in Connecticut and act out in Pennsylvania. And the Wisconsin legislature unanimously sends a vvpat bill to the governor....

  • CT: New Voting Method Faulted. Group Urges State To Forgo Computers LINK
  • FL: Wexler: Wheel of Cronyism Spins 'Round and 'Round as Bush Picks New Secretary of State LINK
  • FL: Palm Beach County - 'Paper trail' ballot activists protest elections chief LINK
  • LA: Secretary Ater recommends delaying elections LINK
  • LA: Suit seeks to prevent postponement of New Orleans elections LINK
  • MO: Kansas City - KC voters to mark ballots two ways LINK
  • NC: EFF moves to block certification of e-voting systems LINK
  • NC: EFF files suit over e-voting in N.C. LINK
  • NC: Cleveland County - County to get new voting machines LINK
  • NC: Election boards scramble to hit deadlines (Fear and Propaganda) LINK
  • NY: Voting rules: Time for talk now at hand LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - A dispute at rollout of voting machines. A judge agreed that a group wanting to spread flyers on a different scanner system had no place at a demonstration. LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - Voting machines put to the test LINK
  • PA: State gives counties more time to buy voting machines LINK
  • PA: Perry County - Election races still unresolved LINK
  • PA: Cambria County - Voting to be even simpler. But time will tell whether the cost is worth it LINK
  • VA: Richmond - Recount for 68th won't be separate (House delegate and attorney general races will both be recounted on the same day)(The recount will be just a recount of DRE ballots and not OS even though there appears to be 383 undervotes on OS counted ballots) LINK
  • VA: Court Rejects Democrat's Argument In Contested AG Race LINK
  • WI: State Senate Sends Election Bill to the Governor Unanimously LINK
  • WY: Goshen County - A new way to vote for Goshen County residents LINK
  • INternational: Venezuelan Electoral chief accepted Boca stay. Sequoia's parent company and a conflict of interest. LINK
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