POST-DISPATCH: Chickenhawk Little Testifies to Congress...
By Brad Friedman on 11/21/2005, 1:10pm PT  

Boston Globe highlights the abject failure of the Republican led Congress to perform their oversight duties, pointing to --- amongst many other examples --- the 140 hours of sworn testimony taken on Bill Clinton's Christmas cards versus just 12 hours taken about Abu Ghraib.

Pre-empting the partisan issues involved here, the Globe points out that the Democratic-controlled House in '93-'94 held 135 "oversight" or investigative hearings during the Clinton Administration, while the GOP House was only able to muster 37 such hearings last year with Bush in the White House.

In the meantime, Kevin Horrigan in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch highlights the "transcript" from one of those rare hearings...

The Chairman: So, even though there was a great deal of disagreement about the prospect of the sky falling, you chose to go ahead with your claims.

Mr. Little: I was assured by Dicky Ducky that Halliburton could install a solid, gravity-proof sky within 90 days on an expedited, open-end, cost-plus basis, which Dicky Ducky said would cost $100 billion, tops.

The Chairman: And yet, nearly three years later, such a gravity-proof sky does not exist.

Mr. Little: I would point out, sir, that foreign fighters and insurgents have interfered with the work, despite the heroic efforts of our magnificent troops, whose mission is endangered by irresponsible mixed signals sent by members of this committee.

The Chairman: I thought their mission was to rid the world of the threat that the sky was falling, a threat you yourself now admit does not exist.

Mr. Little: Well, if you want to get into technicalities . . .

(Hat-tip to RAW STORY for the Globe link and to my father for Chicken Little.)