This is getting worse than I ever imagined, faster than I thought it could ...
but I wouldn't want you to miss this tidbit from RAW STORY
By Winter Patriot on 9/1/2005, 11:03pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Winter Patriot

As reported by RAW STORY:

As thousands wait to be rescued, Lousiana's Democratic governor issued a "shoot to kill" order in a bid to stem the mounting lawlessness in the hurricane-ravaged city of New Orleans, which blurs the line between protecting property and saving lives, RAW STORY has found.

300 Arkansas National Guard troops landed in New Orleans --- a city literally raped by water and disorder sown by the failure of U.S. relief forces to assist survivors --- Thursday evening, with the authorization to shoot and kill what Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco described as "hoodlums."

Yikes! Shoot-To-Kill! I ask you, What's wrong with this picture?

"Three hundred of the Arkansas National Guard have landed in the city of New Orleans," said Blanco in articles running by Agence France-Presse.

"These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets," Blanco said.

"They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded.

"These troops know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will," Blanco added.

Wow! She expects they will!! What a casual endorsement of wanton slaughter! What a "Repugnatron" thing to say!! OMG! OH EM GEE!! OMG!! ... Oh hang on, friends ... excuse me while I slam my head against the wall... [bam] ... [bam] ... [bam] ... just ... [bam] ... three ... [bam] ... two ... [bam] ... just one more ... [bam] ... ahhhhh!... oh yeah! ... aha ... there, ok, ... laaaaaaaaaaa! ... ok ... ok ... ok, that's better...

OK, OK, Whew!! Sorry for the delay, friends, but sometimes I just have to do that! What a thing: She says they're locked and loaded and they know how to shoot and kill and she expects they will. Wow! Isn't that the most wonderfully succinct little morsel of [I can't say it!]?? She can't say "we know they can but we hope they won't have to?" So Sad. Even if you don't believe it, show a little leadership... Come on, Kathleen!

And hey listen up: here's another really good part: it turns out that Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco is a Democrat!


Hey! Guess what? If we were really a blog of the Republican vs. Democrat variety, we wouldn't report this story. Would we? NO, of course not. We'd bury it away if possible ... and if not we'd certainly avoid asking inconvenient questions like:

Hey Kathleen! Do you think that's really necessary?? Are things that far gone in Louisiana, Kathleen?? Kathleen?? Do you really need to send battle-hardened troops out to control the survivors? I know it's getting bad and you are in big trouble but do you really have to do that? And maybe you do, but do you truly need to announce that you expect them to kill people?

and of course there's the a whole 'nother set of questions since Hey did you happen to notice where RAW STORY picked up this most wonderful news? Aha, yes, Agence France-Presse, was it not?? We're getting our news about our own country from the French!! So ...

Where's The Media? Where in the H is the F dot media? if you'll pardon my French! And why are we hearing about this through the French? What's wrong with the American Press? Did they swallow too many lies? Or did they eat too many Freedom Fries???

I can already imagine tomorrow's headline:

BRAD BLOG unmasked; not Democrat-loving disinifo-mongering agents provocateurs after all!

Which would be true, of course, because here at The BRAD BLOG we're of a thoroughly different persuasion:

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