By Brad Friedman on 11/22/2021, 1:05pm PT  

As noted on Friday's show, we're standing down for the week from The BradCast, Green News Report, and everything else that we can figure out how to stand down from. We desperately need a break and are hoping that a few days time off will be enough to at least half-way recharge our depleted batteries, restore some peace of mind, and otherwise allow us to catch up with some lost family time.

Forgive the brief absence, but please accept our heartfelt thanks for all of your support all year around, along with our hopes for a safe, peaceful, happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all! We'll see ya next week…whether you, or we, like it or not! ;-)

-- Brad, Desi, Ernie, Nicole, Pdiddie (who may keep tooning in our absence anyway) and everyone else who toils to bring you the work of The BRAD BLOG!...

P.S. Thanks, in no small part, to Big Oil profiteering, gas prices are now pushing $5 out here in CA! Though we drive a beat up old gas-sipping Prius, we're still incredibly grateful for any help in filling up its tank and ours if you're inclined to help us keep chugging along toward another impossible year's end... Thank you!