Guest Host Nicole Sandler with author/journalist Ari Berman and Law Professor/author Carlton F.W. Larson...
By Nicole Sandler on 11/25/2020, 6:08pm PT  

Hey, it's NICOLE SANDLER in for Brad and Desi today (they'll be back after the holiday weekend.) On today's BradCast, we're talking turkey. Okay, not really, but it is the day before Thanksgiving, and the lame duck yesterday pardoned a turkey named Corn. The big question is, what happened to the second turkey, Cob? What did Trump do with him? My guess is that Cob is tomorrow night's White House Thanksgiving dinner. Because that's how Trump rolls. [Audio link to show follows below.]

Yes, call me cynical. Actually just put a CY in front of Nicole, and you have cynicole. Perhaps it's spelled wrong, but the point is clear. Perhaps I'm the one who should have taken an early day off instead of filling in today for Brad & Desi so they could unwind. Oh well, it's all gravy now. (Sorry about that!)

Anyway, we started the show with lots of news, from our introduction to President-elect Biden's incoming national security nominees to today's breaking, though unsurprising news that Trump pardoned Michael Flynn, the man who TWICE pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and who was fired by Trump for lying to Mike Pence too. Maybe that was Trump's second Turkey pardon.

I checked in with ARI BERMAN who covers voting rights for Mother Jones, who engaged in a bit of a postmortem on the 2020 presidential elections.

Then it was time to talk treason. It's a term Trump throws around like a roll of paper towels in Puerto Rico. But I keep using it too, though only when talking about Trump. Because he is endangering American lives --- and 260,000 have already died due to his dereliction of duty and refusal to accept science over conspiracy theories --- I do believe Trump's behavior is treasonous. So I called on an expert.

Professor CARLTON F.W. LARSON teaches constitutional law and English and American history at UC/Davis, and just published his latest book, On Treason: A Citizen's Guide to the Law. When I asked if Trump's behavior was treasonous, he explained that treasonous behavior didn't necessarily mean "treason." Okay, I'm here to learn.

And with that, enjoy the show and have a Happy Thanksgiving...

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