Plans to Meet With Jimmy Carter, Daschle and Others on Commission to Detail Concerns!
By Brad Friedman on 4/21/2005, 12:42pm PT  

The BRAD BLOG has just received a personal phone call from Congressman John Conyers (not from his staff, but from the good Congressman himself!), thanking us for the work that everyone has done on behalf of the nation to monitor the Baker/Carter "election reform" commission and to seek fairness from it.

Conyers has just finished meeting with Dr. Robert A. Pastor, the executive director of the commission, and has been promised that the commission and its members will continue to work and meet with him about his concerns over the commission, its make-up and its current direction over the coming weeks and months.

He plans on meeting with former President Jimmy Carter personally to discuss some of these serious concerns.

As a good faith measure, Conyers has told Pastor that he would ask us (and you) to direct all Email with concerns or information for the commission to We will shortly change the Email to the Commission page at Velvet Revolution to reflect that address change in similar good faith. We would only do that at the request of Mr. Conyers, and so it will be done. For the time being.

Conyers will be issuing a full statement concerning his meeting and the commission shortly at ConyersBlog.

UPDATE: Conyers' full statement is now online.