Brad on the Radio, on the Phone and Conyers on the House Floor...
By Brad Friedman on 3/3/2005, 11:43am PT  

Busy with much this morning, so just a few quick notes for the moment.

- I'll be on Radio Left at 4:20pm ET (1:20pm PT) to discuss VR's "Divestiture for Democracy". You can listen live online, and we'll otherwise try to get a link to the recorded appearance later. For media who'd like more info on the campaign, and to discuss appearances, etc., please write to

- For media folks who'd like to participate in next Tuesday's BlogCall conference call that I'll be doing, along with Clint Curtis, to discuss developments in his story, please email me and I'll try to get an invitation out to you for the call.

- The great John Conyers (aside from smartly endorsing VR's campaign yesterday!) today has forced the issue of Election Reform onto the floor of Congress during debate of the House's bill to determine what happens to ensure continuity of government during a terror attack.

He used a surprise maneuver to do so known as a "Motion to Recommit". As Will Pitt explains in his TruthOut article an hour or so ago..."Rep. Conyers finds it ridiculous that the House is spending so much energy (and acting with such speed) to solve a hypothetical problem, about a hypothetical election, when there are so many real problems with our real elections." Pitt has the details, and Conyers official statement on the floor. Good on Conyers again!

- A task force assembled by Gov. Christine Gregoire in Washington state "has found that public trust in Washington state's election system was damaged by last year's tight gubernatorial race that took two months to resolve." Do ya think? The AP story is here. What a shame it takes governmental action for anything to happen on Election Reform. Wouldn't it be lovely if the press reported on the problems and the government followed with reform (the way it used to be) instead of vice versa? That is, when the press even bothers to report at all, even on governmental action...which they do, but only when it's Republican governmental action it seems. And so it goes...