By Brad Friedman on 3/22/2016, 7:27pm PT  

I spoke earlier on today's BradCast, in some detail, about the idiocy of the Utah Republican Party deciding to use an easily-hacked Internet Voting scheme as part of their Presidential caucuses tonight, despite years of virtually every world-class computer science and security expert warning against it in no uncertain terms.

But, just to underscore the idiocy of Utah GOP chairman James Evans' decision to blow tens of thousands of dollars on this horrible idea, here's a screenshot of the portal where Republican voters in the state who signed up to participate in the "online caucus" are supposed to cast their vote...

And now here's a completely fake version of that page, as created by some of the same white hat computer scientists who, years ago, hacked a D.C. Internet Voting scheme within hours (and found Iranian and Chinese hackers inside of it at the same time)...

Can you tell the difference? Would a GOP voter in Utah? (And, if they did, would they notice the fake before or after they threw their "vote" away by casting it at a phony site?) Go ahead to the fake one --- it's not dangerous --- and fill in one of the fields!

* * *
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