And Another 'BRAD BLOG Intellectual Honesty Award' Winner!
By Brad Friedman on 1/2/2005, 12:07pm PT  

In a posting title, "A Message From A Real Republican", thirty-year Republican party member, Dr. Garth Eldritch easily claims the latest "BRAD BLOG Intellectual Honesty Award".

We haven't been able to give one of those out to a Republican for quite a few weeks (months?) --- so we're pleased that BRAD BLOG commenter, "Bando Bling", has pointed us towards Eldritch's brilliant letter.

Please read the entire thing. Particularly you apologists for the Bush Administration who still consider yourselves either Republican or --- more ironically still --- "conservatives".

Here's a few key passages in the meantime. After describing the proud and storied history of a once great Republican party, Eldritch goes on to ask...

So what the Hell happened?

If Republicans gave a single thought to their origins they would know they are the ones who would stand up for personal liberties, not disfranchise people for their lifestyles, beliefs and financial circumstances.

They are the original party of 'an ye harm none, do as ye will'. If you are a Republican you should know what that means, in which case you should also realize that such a philosophy is no longer in practice in your party.

When 'Republicans' become the party of suppression we are in dire straights indeed.
Banning people from the pursuit of happiness when they harm no one is very un-republican.
Casting the ideas and lifestyles of others as 'evil' while not having dealt in earnest with those individuals is petty and graceless.

Assuming those who disagree with you are not patriots is childish, they may know something you don't.

Ignorance is VERY un-patriotic.

Learn about your issues before you claim to be in my party.

Talk to people on the 'other side' and understand their perspective before you claim to be Republican. You may SAY you understand --- but if you have demonized anyone at all, you do not.

If you say 'Those Liberals' are like this and 'The Conservatives' are like that; if you claim that 'they' want to do 'this' or 'that' to the country, then you do not understand what 'they' really want.

The fact is --- you have become 'them' too.

Indeed. And though the divisiveness Eldritch describes above was invented by --- and has now become a staple political weapon/strategy of --- GOP operatives towards only the goal of "staying in power" rather than fighting for the good of our country, it is not only Rightwingers who are guilty in the matter...

Yes, some Democrats and/or Liberals --- including perhaps your humble host from time to time, and certainly several of our commenters here even more frequently --- have taken the bait which only hardens both sides and delivers the victory that such unpatriotic GOP operatives are ultimately after.

We do make the effort to distinguish here between real conservatives (a now rare breed) and the new wave of "fake conservatives" (Bush supporters, Freepers, etc.) in most of our analysis and posting. We welcome all BRAD BLOG readers and commenters to consider same as they move forward towards what we hope will ultimately be a lively democracy full of healthy and fair-minded debate, but without the unnecessary partisan divisiveness and intolerance.

There is a difference in those two ideals.

And yet, sometimes it is the case that one must fight fire with fire. So we dounderstand that necessity as well when answering to the most despicable, disingenuous and intellectually dishonest claims and tactics from so many of the pre-programmed political foot soldiers on the Right.

On that point, Eldritch concludes thusly...

There is no question that this current administration is NOT Republican, yet so many who call themselves Republican blindly and unquestioningly support this administration whose failures are in excess of any reasonable margins for error.

I could get deeply into why this Administration is Plutocratic and not Republican, how this Administration has contradicted nearly every word with their actions, has made the world a far more dangerous place on top of already existing threats, and how they have betrayed nearly all true Republican ideals --- but there are enough facts out there for a true, thinking Republican to see for his or herself. - the facts here are worth checking.

I'm afraid that most so-called Republicans will dismiss this however and stay in the nice, comfortable thought-bubble they've been placed in.

If you make no attempt to see for real --- you can stop calling yourself a Republican. Ignorance has no place in my party.

We agree with his sentiments, but sadly see the Ignorance-wing of the Republican party haven largely hijacked the GOP for now. We do hopefully see that changing, however, in the not-too-distant future --- especially while they stay on the politically self-destructive path they seem currently dead-set on following.

We encourage such fools to continue on their errand.

Eldritch also wrote a very compelling letter to U.S. Senators asking them to support Conyers' challenge to the Electoral College this week.

It too is a telling read, and furthers our confidence in our latest "BRAD BLOG Intellectual Honesty Award" winner! We hope you will give that letter a look as well. And please share all of the above with all of your "Republican" and/or "Conservative" friends (using the "Email it to someone!" link below is one easy way to do so!)